Pet Rocks


Grade Level: Grades 2 and up
Subject: Science, Art, Language Arts
Duration: 1-2 class period
CELs: Communication, Numeracy, Technological Literacy, Critical & Creative Thinking


The students will learn that rocks have properties that can be used to aid in rock identification.

Activity #1:

"My Rock" Activity - Group or Individual activity.


  • A rock for each of the students to investigate.
  • "My Rock" activity sheet. Download from this page.


  1. Ask the students to bring a fist-sized rock to school. If this is not possible, the teacher can supply each child with a rock of their own.
  2. Have each student draw and describe the rock using the criteria on the "My Rock" sheet.
  3. The students can use string to measure the length and circumference of the rock. These strings can then be glued onto their information sheets and measured with a ruler later.

Questions & activities:

  1. Place a number of the rocks into a bag. Can the students find their own rocks?
  2. Write a story about your rock.

Activity #2:

"Pet Rock" Activity.


A rock for each of the students to decorate and make into their "Pet Rock", other smaller rocks to glue on for the arms, legs, etc., art materials that the teacher will choose for students to decorate their "Pet Rocks".


  1. Have the children bring or choose a rock. This may be the same rock he/she used for Activity #1 of this section.
  2. The students will create their own "Pet Rocks" by using 1 rock or a group of rocks. Eyes and other features can be painted or glued on.
  3. Have the student give their creation a name.

Questions & activities:

  1. Write a story about your new "Pet".
  2. What makes your "Pet" different from all the other pets?

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