Saskatchewan Uranium Exploration Activity

According to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Economy, total 2014 uranium exploration expenditures in the Athabasca Basin are estimated to have reached $131.9 million.  This is less than the 2013 actual expenditures of $143.9 million.

The spot market price of uranium fluctuated between January 2014 and December 2014 (US$28.23 per pound and US$39.50 per pound). The 2014 average spot price (US$33.21per pound) is lower than the 2013 average spot price (US$38.17 per pound).

Many companies are currently exploring for uranium in the Basin. The majority of these companies are publicly traded and are operating in joint ventures with one or more other companies. Most of the activity is in the eastern part of the Basin where the major deposits are located. However, following new exploration successes, activity is increasing in the western portion of the Basin.

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