Economic Impact

Economic Impact 2014

  • The uranium mining industry spent approximately $382 million on salaries, wages and benefits for its direct employees. Of this, over $119 million was paid to residents of Saskatchewan's north.
  • The industry's contractors paid out an additional $197 million to their employees.
  • Income tax remitted on behalf of mining industry direct employees was $95.9 million. Canada Pension Plan contributions were an additional $13.7 million and Canada Employment Insurance payments were another $5.8 million.
  • The value of goods and services purchased by the industry was $1.12 billion. Approximately 76 % ($847 million) of this amount went to businesses based in Saskatchewan and 39% ($439 million) went to businesses based in northern Saskatchewan.
  • Capital expenditures were approximately $610.6 million, while exploration expenditures were $33.1 million. Reclamation expenditures were $8 million. Total capital,exploration and reclamation expenditures, excluding salaries were $651.8 million.
  • Taxes and royalties of $83.2 million were paid to the province of Saskatchewan.
  • Approximately $6.3 million was spent on licensing fees and $2.6 million was paid in surface lease fees.
  • Almost $4.0 million was donated to community and charitable organizations and another $248,808 was given as scholarships and other forms of support to contribute to the education of Saskatchewan's youth.

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